Searching for Lauren

June 5, 2017
Diana Papa
June 2017

Lauren Perfors, a digital marketer specializing in SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, is building websites and providing SEO consulting for small businesses through Lawton Digital. Lauren founded her SEO and web development agency, Lawton Digital Marketing, in 2011. Lawton Digital has helped countless businesses establish their online presence with modern, revenue focused websites as well as custom digital marketing programs. We sat down with Lauren to learn more about how she built a career around SEO.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Lauren moved to Park City, UT and onwards to Colorado to attend school. Lauren received her BA from the University of Denver in International Business and later received her Master’s in Marketing and Public Relations. After her time at DU, Lauren began selling and marketing insurance for State Farm, where she began doing SEO for her insurance agent in order to bring more leads into the office. It worked, and Lauren was hooked. After this, she was led towards a career opportunity in SEO, managing the SEO and websites for 50 Sage Hospitality Resources hotels. It was here where she honed her SEO skills and learned her way around a server.

Lauren’s passion for SEO began as a side hustle. Throughout her time working with both small and large companies, she gained the necessary experience to turn her side hustle into a full-time venture with Lawton Digital. Lauren attributes much of her current success to her ability to keep her aspirations and passions alive even with a 9-5. Fostering positive relationships over the years helped her pave a path towards success. Her favorite thing about running Lawton Digital is seeing the immediate and lasting impact on her clients’ business growth.

Lauren’s knowledge and expertise of SEO is impressive. While talking to Lauren, she expressed that “Google is trying to ‘think’ like a human. They get closer with every algorithm change. Everything a human weighs in on when making purchase decisions, that’s what Google tries to weigh when determining who comes up on page 1 of any search. What are other people saying about your business [online reviews]? Do you get a lot of referrals [links from other sites]? If you do nothing else, take good care of your reputation and the Googs will reward you.”

When Lauren isn’t at Enterprise, she enjoys playing volleyball and running, both competitively and leisurely. Lauren and her husband Steve stay busy through the renovation of their historic Denver home. As they break down walls and remodel each room, they have found the original documents of purchase from 1904, old notes from past owners of the property and even a farm tool dating back to the 1890s.

Thanks Lauren!