Motivation Monday

June 5, 2017
Hayley Rogers
June 2017

My husband, Brian and I, decided to challenge ourselves to move our bodies #everydamnday this year, with the minimum activity each day being walking or running two miles. We’re now almost halfway through the year with all workouts tracked on the Strava app! I love mixing it up with my daily workouts and have done everything from cycling, to running, racquetball, TRX workouts, spin, circuit training, weightlifting, Skiing, barre classes, hiking, yoga and more!

How has Elexis incorporated a fitness routine into her daily schedule?

I’ve found the best way to incorporate fitness into my daily routine is to make it a part of my commute. We live 4-5 miles way (depending on which trails I take) and I make it to Enterprise on bike or foot at least a couple times a week, getting a kick-ass workout before the workday begins. What’s amazing is that moving my body to get to work actually only adds about 10 minutes to my commute. Better yet, it helps me get prepared for the day through the production of positive endorphins and peaceful mind space.

Lunch at work – Does Elexis cook at work, bring a lunch, or eat out?

All three! When I have a hectic day with client meetings and having to literally run around town, I’ll typically pick up a sandwich. On all other days, I’m either packing a lunch or you can find me cooking down in the kitchen. When you work out everyday, staying properly fueled is KEY, so I’ve also got plenty of healthy snacks within a hands reach.

How does Elexis stay motivated to workout every damn day?

The biggest motivation for me is not vanity or attaining a certain weight, but rather the inspiration it gives me. As I stay committed to this goal, it makes me feel powerful and inspires the question of what else I can achieve – personally, financially and with my business, SchroderHaus Marketing & Communications. Other motivations include achieving optimum health and wellness, and living a long life I can enjoy with my wonderful husband and son.

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