On Your Radar: Sentinel Data Analytics

July 29, 2017
Diana Papa
August 2017

Are you an owner of an aircraft? Hope to be one day? If you are or ever wanted to know how owners of aircrafts manage the operations of their plane, you should definitely get to know Sentinel Data Analytics. Sentinel DA is focused on providing meaningful data analytics to owners and operators of aircrafts. This powerful information of analytics helps people efficiently manage their own aircraft operations.  

In this tight team of 4, you have Marty the Founder of Sentinel DA, David, Rob, and Jeremy. The team has a deep and extensive knowledge of aircraft software programming for all systems. We sat down with David to get to know Sentinel DA a little more.

Marty, the Founder of Sentinel DA, a former F16 Fighter Pilot and the owner of a private charter airline, was looking for better software to run his business, so he decided to build his own. “In doing the research, Marty discovered the vast majority of people that are in this industry are looking for better software because the technology is kind of stuck in the 90’s. So here we are!” David explains. Charter Aircraft operators use dozens of different software programs that run operations such as scheduling, booking, crew, maintenance, flight planning, weather, safety & performance. With all of these independent software systems, Sentinel DA is focused on writing operational software for unscheduled or on demand aviation that unifies all operations.

Marty was introduced to David through a mutual acquaintance and now has been with the company for 2 years. David’s past experience brought an impressive element to the team; “I was a hand to hand combat instructor for the Department of Defense, for special operations in the military; Seals, Marine Recon, Para-Rescue, etc.  After that I was Federal Drug Enforcement Agent, and I was a Park Ranger stationed at Steamboat Lake and Routt National Forest.”  David, also has over two decades of experience in software development.  David and Marty brought Rob to Sentinel DA about a 18 months ago and Jeremy began as a contractor who then became a permanent member of the team thereafter. Both Rob and Jeremy have decades of experience in software and infrastructure, and have some impressive accomplishments in their list of accolades. If they are not in the office, Rob is probably on his motorcycle or with his dogs, and Jeremy is likely refining the design of one of his high end keyboards, he has a company that produces specialty keyboards, or enjoying time with his wife and children.

Sentinel DA is quite an impressive team to create a product of this size; They may be a small group but they are incredibly good at what they do and they have some big things coming up for the company.

When they aren’t writing software for aircraft operations, you can find them playing shuffleboard in the Ratskeller! Thanks David and Sentinel DA for your time and teaching us about your company!