How about Wholesale groceries delivered to your own home with no membership fees and no  price markups and no minimum order size! We are pleased to introduce our Enterprise Coworking Community to ​Bondadosa​. Bondadosa is one of only 12 online stores in the country to accept SNAP benefits as a payment method, and the only one with a fully bilingual customer service staff. 

Customers are able to order their groceries either online line or via phone in either English or Spanish and have them delivered the same day. This exciting social enterprise has teamed up  with Leevers Supermarkets and together they’re able to provide you with affordable, easy and  reliable access to over 2,000 grocery goods. 

Bondadosa​ also just recently partnered with ​The Grow Haus​ to become the delivery team  behind the GrowHaus’s CSA-style box of healthy, fresh produce and more!

Below is a quick Q & A that I had with Mara from Bondadosa:

Eri​: What does the word Bondadosa stand for?

Mara​: Bondadosa means kindness in Spanish.

Eri​: When was Bondadosa started?

Mara​: Ricardo Rocha launched this startup in Nov. of 2017 with a mission to end hunger and to  increase health equity in the Denver Metro, focusing first on serving the people who do not have access to food due to lack of transportation and mobility. 

Eri​: Does Bondadosa accept cash payment at the time of Delivery?

Mara: ​Yes! We accept either cash or credit and you can either pay online once you’ve placed  your order of pay once your order is delivered.

Be sure to check out Bondadosa, truly a one of a kind grocery delivery service! You can also  keep up with all of Bondadosa’s activity on their F​acebook​ and I​nstagram​ pages!