Compass West: Designing Solutions For Every Workspace

February 2, 2018
Carly Cutspec
February 2018

Looking for talented, experienced, and furniture reps right here in your community?? Lucky for you, Compass West is in the house! All you need to know about the greatest furniture manufacturer representatives in our very own space:

The What:

Founded in 2007, Compass West works sales and marketing for select office furniture manufacturers, working with the world’s most respected manufacturers to provide the best solutions for every space. With a combined 30 years in the industry, Frank and Ardith Mendell ventured to start their family business to build a regional network of style, design, and to the great West/Southwest. Compass West has built a network throughout the region that works with most office furniture resellers throughout Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico.

The Who:

It was only by chance that they landed careers in the furniture industry. Frank hailing from Chicago and Ardith from Texas, sales was a natural fit and they started pursuing this in the early 2000s. With Ardith’s design background and Franks business background, they are a high performing duo. After meeting in the industry in 2003, it only took four years to become business partners and five years to wed. As a couple and as business partners, the two make a phenomenal team! Their complementary strengths and weaknesses have evolved to establish an equally balanced pair. Growing as professionals is easy with a strong personal partnership maintaining their foundation and trust that continues to build. The success to balancing this day-to-day is all about teamwork and both have found that navigating this journey together has lead to change and growth each year. Working regionally certainly has its travel perks, and after exploring the area, they were drawn to call Colorado their home. The quality of life and the culture Denver offers was too enticing to not seek. For work, they split the territories based on personal geography interests.

The Why & How:

With the background and experience they needed to be accomplished in the field, they devote every day to their clients. Ultimately, the goal for Compass West is to do everything they can for you and your business by creating environments that set your brand apart. They love to help every step of the way, and of course, with a friendly smile and knowledge to do so. Their aim is to please by presenting projects based on the client’s needs, budget, and aesthetic. Looking forward, their idea is not to expand well beyond who they are. As dedicated professionals, they want to work on maintaining and growing the long-term professional relationships they’ve established over the past decade together.

The Where:

Enterprise Coworking is happy to be the professional home for Frank and Ardith! Compass West originally joined the community in October of 2016 and over the past year and a half, have helped us innovate and transform our space. As members and reps, they are able to showcase their talent and expertise through the many pieces they have added to our building; the recent update to the Country Club meeting room as a great example!  The room is now equipped with Mobis seats and a confluence table: a height-adjustable conference table for active teams. This new concept allows members to be active at work through the use furniture. Studies have found that brains are more active and engaged, and as a result, meetings are more productive and efficient. Book a meeting in Country Club today and see what you think!

Frank and Ardith are located in suite 146 and they would love to meet you! Feel free to stop by chat about your furniture needs anytime or visit their website here.