Enterprise: A Coworking Community You Can Grow In

July 12, 2016
Enterprise Coworking

The current average size of a coworking space in the U.S. is 9,647 ft2, with the median size being 3,800 ft2. Enterprise offers 66,000 ft2 of coworking space–almost 7x the average and more than 17x the median size for coworking. So what’re we doing with all that space? The short answer is that we’ve transformed the old Denver Enterprise Center, which operated as a nonprofit business incubator from 1987 to 2008, into a coworking space that allows people and businesses to collaborate, innovate, and grow.

We’re facilitating collaboration through our intentional design of diverse coworking spaces within Enterprise that create movement throughout the different areas.

Movement through the coworking space comes from the centralized printing, mailboxes, and kitchen, and from standing desks that break up the open seating and lounge areas in the Members Area on both the Ground and Garden Levels. It also comes from the diverse coworking areas that we’ve designed to meet your multitude of needs. We offer a rooftop to cowork under the sun, a library to focus and work through a headache or read a newspaper in a quiet space, a Ratskeller to drink beer and play games to unwind and destress, and phone booths for you to have privacy for your phone or video calls.

This focus on movement through the coworking space promotes serendipitous moments where members can meet other members, with the intention that great ideas and innovation come from such random encounters.

We encourage growth among our members by providing space for members to grow in the community, not out of the community.

Enterprise offers suites and flexible membership options, so you can work with your team in a private space or throughout the community. Additionally, our DIRTT wall system allows suites to grow with you and your company by being able to remove walls and join suites. We also encourage you to take advantage of our 12 meeting room spaces (14 as of October). Each conveys a different feel to meet your need, whether it’s a corporate boardroom with leather chairs, a place to get ideas out on a whiteboard table, a comfy couch with video conferencing, or displays with AppleTV and Chromcast we like to think we have thought of it all.

The idea behind every decision at Enterprise is that, when you walk through the doors, we want you to feel like Enterprise is the coworking space for you–no matter who you are or what you do. With that in mind, we designed a coworking environment to meet all, well, most of your needs.

To show you how far Enterprise has come, we’ve included some photos of the Enterprise space now.  Talk about a major transformation.

Front LoungeKitchenCafe Tables

So if you’re looking for an alternative to working at home or in coffee shops or want o outsource your community development and reduce overhead, we’d love to meet you and tour you through the Enterprise coworking space. To schedule a time, stop by any weekday at 11AM, email us at Hi@Enterprise5280.com, or schedule online by click this link.