Subtle design

December 6, 2016
Enterprise Coworking

When people walk through our coworking space for the first time, whether it is a client, a guest, or a prospective member we constantly are hearing great feedback and even better questions on the design of the space. The conversation typically goes into where we got certain pieces of furniture, why we chose a fabric color or how it is all organized. Most won’t realize the infinite amount of attention that went into every detail, but isn’t that the point. The small touches that go so very far. Some not so common questions, with real design intent:

Why don’t the stools have backs? At our standing height communal tables there is a small lip, but not a back on the stools. This allows people to have the chance to sit and rest for a moment, but discourages sitting too long so their body naturally tells them when it is time to stand again.

Why did you make a library. We create a quiet space, called the library, and unlike our other common areas it actually has a door to close. People are often confused as to why there would be such a space. When you think that we have 66,000 square feet you soon realize that the kitchen, lounges, rooftop, video game room, and other common areas offer the collaboration that people so desire when coming to a shared workspace, but what about when you have to 100% focus and be fully present in your work? The library creates an environment that allows for full quiet and for others to shsshh as needed in true library fashion.

Why are all the kitchen tables on wheels? This is a no brainer. Our massive kitchen can quickly convert to an event space and we want that transition to be easy. By having all the high top and café tables with locking casters we can quickly unlock and roll away to setup for a pitch competition, holiday reception party, or an epic game of duck-duck-goose. While not every day is going to be an event day, the versatile tables also enable members to move them about as their lunch group grows.

While there are countless ways that we thought about just how to design the right workplace, we hope our sneak peak inspires you to look at your spaces and furniture as an opportunity for creating the best work environment possible for your team.