Tea for a Change

April 3, 2017
Becky Hartung

Teatulia is on a mission to be more than organic. After creating the first USDA-certified single-garden in Bangladesh, Teatulia has become known for producing high quality tea that encourages accountability, transparency, and purity. This once endangered land has transformed over the course of eight years into a thriving ecosystem, empowering its workers and community. The garden has provided health and education program as well as the opportunity for women to be employed as managers, increasing the overall quality of life.


With compostable canisters, post-consumer paper for labels, water-based inks & dyes, and biodegradable silken pyramid teabags, Teatulia Tea has integrated a natural farming system – developed by the Japanese Master, Masanobu Fukuoka – resulting in a closed-loop eco and social system. The tea cultivation process includes virtually no tilling, utilizes water bodies and herbal shade trees to restore the eco-balance, protects wildlife, and nourishes the land with bio-fertilizers. In 2013, Teatulia received the Rainforest Alliance certification for their role in promoting biodiversity and sustainable farming. That same year, they became the first Colorado tea company to become a B Certified Corporation. These corporations “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems.”


As one of the largest tea gardens in the world, Teatulia mastered the way to impact their local and global economy. After the Ahmed family saw the poverty of those living in the Tetulia region of Bangladesh, they purchased their garden in hopes to boost the economy and provide jobs to residents. Providing over 600 full-time positions for the community was not the only way the company encouraged the community. They created a cattle-loan program, opened a computer lab for IT education, provided medical herbs and shots to the local and neighboring community, and promoted literacy courses for workers – increasing literacy in over 45% of their employees.  

With dozens of honors and achievements, Teatulia continues to provide award winning teas globally while boosting economic stability to this region in Bangladesh. Teatulia Tea Bar is located in an eco-friendly garage at 2900 Zuni Street in Denver. They serve a variety of organic teas, coffees, and locally sourced snacks. Enterprise Members can purchase Teatulia in the RISE Coffee Shop.




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