The power of growth.

October 11, 2016
Enterprise Coworking

Growth, Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of growth is 1 : a stage or condition in increasing, developing, or maturing . 2 : a natural process of increasing in size or developing.

As a company that launched just a little over three months ago this is a topic that we see, hear and feel on a daily basis. Our membership base is growing, our needs as a team are growing, and we are developing and growing the needs of our team, members and business into something truly wonderful. My favorite time in a coworking space is the first few months. As a creator it is fun to see if people are using the space as you imagined or if they are totally revamping it in amazing ways that you could not have fathomed. The first people in the door are truly the trailblazers, the pioneers of the unknown. They take a risk on us and all that we believe in and join a community that they themselves will help to shape and mold. Thankfully we have some pretty badass members that are coming from the diverse backgrounds, diverse industries and diverse mindsets that are contributing to this ecosystem. To see the things that we preach come to fruition through these individuals, their companies and their furry-four-legged friends as we blaze these trails together is so exciting.

So as we reflect on the last few months I am so grateful for the numerous members that we have so far that are adding their thoughts, participation and tenacity to our ever evolving growth here at Enterprise. And to the future members of our community, we look forward to helping you flourish.

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