Our Team

Hayley Rogers

I’m really good at planning to do yoga. Oh, and Amazon Prime, I’m really really good at that.

My favorite thing about coworking is that everyone becomes like one big family. We work together, laugh together, celebrate together, but most importantly we are all in it together.

When I am not at Enterprise you can find me spending time with my pup Milo, grabbing a latte at a local coffee house, trying a new brunch spot, heading to the mountains, hanging out with friends - whether its playing volleyball or catching some live music, and some days you can even find me adulting.

Mini Bio: Hayley was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She moved to Denver in 2012 when she started college at the University of Denver and graduated with a B.A. in Geography and Gender & Women’s Studies. Soon after, she landed in the world of coworking. Some might say she is a a typical millennial, but her dog thinks she is pretty awesome.

Jesse Stark

I am really good at telling the truth (sometimes), drinking wine, eating chicken wings, and enjoying the retired life.

My favorite thing about coworking is engaging with creative, innovation-oriented people and finding ways to help them grow and be more successful.

When I'm not at Enterprise, you can find me outside of Enterprise. Don't worry about it.

Mini Bio: Jesse graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in English, but doesn't enjoy writing essays. He eventually went to some former top 20 law school (because why not), graduated magna cum laude, and decided that he still doesn't enjoy writing essays, so he doesn't practice law. He grew up in New Mexico, but has lived in Texas, Alaska, and Minnesota. He travels more than a person who doesn't enjoy long trips should, and he has visited Europe, Asia, Central America, and Alabama. Most importantly, he's a sunshine baby who doesn't understand how people live in the dark, literally and figuratively.

Tiamo Wright

I’m really good at talking fast.

My favorite thing about coworking is the true serendipity. Getting to see members connect and help each other grow personally and professionally is really inspiring.

When I'm not at Enterprise, you can find me working on my house because I thought it was a good idea to buy a fixer upper or traveling, I love to travel.

Mini Bio: Tiamo has grown her career in San Diego, Minneapolis and Denver after getting her B.A. in from the University of Denver. Her divergent aims and interests have allowed her to gain experience in law, operations, human resources and most recently the coworking movement. After moving back to Denver for the third time she is excited to continue her passions for snowboarding, hiking and growing collaborative environments.


I am really good at greeting guests at the front desk.

My favorite thing about coworking is the free dog treats.

When I'm not at Enterprise I'm going on dog walks.

Mini Bio: Milo is the Enterprise members biggest mascot.