Enterprise Coworking Community Member Code of Conduct

Enterprise Coworking provides a space, community, and network both in person and virtual to all members in order to connect and build strong relationships with each other and to create a stronger community. If we see or hear that these guidelines are not being adhered to it is grounds for termination of membership without a refund, that is how serious we take these. We have created these guidelines in order to help set expectations of what is expected of you, what we expect from ourselves and all of our members as we are the building blocks to build a powerful community and both personal and professional network:

  1. Be nice​. This seems like a simple rule, but everyone has bad days so keep it at the door or keep it to yourself. We will have members with all different backgrounds, personalities and life experiences, while you don’t have to like everyone you do have to be polite and respectful to other members.
  2. Be open​. Ideas will be flowing so be ready to take and give advice, ask questions, share your successes and failures. It is amazing what can get started from this.
  3. Be active.​ We hope you are coming to participate in the community so get ready to pull out that chili recipe, offer a community building activity to the Enterprise team or just grab a cup of coffee and see who you run into.
  4. Be generous.​ If you can mentor someone do it, if you have excess tomatoes from your garden bring them in to share.
  5. Be clean​. The common spaces such as the lounge, kitchen, meeting rooms, phone booths, patio,etc. are for all members and there is nothing worse than bringing a big client to one of these spaces to see junk everywhere. Clean up after yourself, treat the furniture and amenities as if it were your own home and if something does break just let the Enterprise team know.
  6. Be courteous​. For new members noise is always a question that is asked. How loud is it? Can I be on the phone? In our opinion a hum of noise is a great thing as it is energy throughout the space, but if you know you’re a loud talker jump in a phone booth. And remember unless you’re in a closed Suite or Meeting Room absolutely no speakerphone, no one else wants to be part of your call.
  7. Be authentic.​ Organic and natural relationships will grow out of your membership, but don’t come in just hoping to sell your Tupperware to every unsuspecting members. People come here to get work done and they want to do that in a comfortable environment. It is true that this space naturally creates a lot of great business relationships, but let that happen naturally.
  8. Be constantly growing.​ Believe in yourself and the people around you that is the whole point of these serendipitous moments and collaboration that we are building in the Enterprise community. We want you to work hard, have fun and work towards improving the community for all. As a team we also want to be improving so feel free to provide feedback to help us work towards this goal.
    If you ever have any questions or comments, we are open to chatting so just come by the front desk or shoot us an email at [email protected]