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Enterprise Coworking has custom office solutions to provide your team the perfect office! With office sizes to accommodate teams from one to 100 and flexible, short term leases, our amenity-rich coworking spaces have everything you need to elevate your success this year.



Our Solution

A Private team office with coworking perks

Enterprise Coworking’s flexible memberships allow your office size to scale alongside your growing team and business unlike other Denver office space. Let us customize your space to your specific needs.

Every office suite comes with a set number of free monthly meeting room hours depending on your size. All suite members have 24/7 access to all Enterprise community events and amenities including coffee, printing, beer, common areas, fitness center and much more!

Coworking office
vs. traditional office:
which is better?

The Process

We take away the pains of leasing a new office. Traditional office space requires weeks of negotiation and could include months of space buildout. At Enterprise Coworking, our private office suites are ready for business and our flexibility and short lease terms make negotiating a lease fast and easy.

Simply tour the space, sign the membership agreement, and move in to your new team office. Membership agreements can be tailored to any business’ unique situations. We’re flexible!

coworking office process

Comparing costs

At Enterprise Coworking, we give you everything you need to maximize your potential. That means one cost covers not only your private space, but all the amenities and services you would normally pay for alone.

The beauty of coworking is that we take the power of shared community to drastically reduce costs for everyone.

coworking cost comparison

Space Utilization

Coworking provides companies much more usable, functional space than traditional offices at
a fraction of the cost. Below is a comparison of usable area for a 12-person team.

Traditional Office

traditional office space

Enterprise Coworking

coworking space utilization

Come and see the space for yourself. After you tour, stay the day for free to get a feel for what coworking is all about.

Need additional help figuring out the best solution for you? Our Community Managers are here to help! Contact us below and we’ll tailor a plan that best fits your needs!