And……we’re back! I apologize for my absence. It’s unlike me. With everything going on in the world and with the holidays on everyone’s mind, we felt it best to give it a break. But Cafe Sessions is back baby and better than ever!

The coworking space is energizing. Rise Café is bumping. Old faces are returning while new faces introduce themselves in the café daily. I’m thinking normality might not be too far off!

This month we’re starting off café sessions talking about the Super Bowl (no surprise there). Next, we’ll have a little chat about Valentine’s Day and how you celebrate in a pandemic. And will top it off with a preview about our new book club book (spoiler alert: the best-selling author is an Enterprise Coworking member!).

Tons of good stuff for you here. Lets get to it!


Well, we all knew it would happen and here it is, the least Bronco-friendly Super Bowl you could think of: a hated division rival against the guy no one likes. The only way this could be worse is if the Raiders were in it instead of the Chiefs, but we don’t need to worry about that for years to come. Of course, if anyone were able to play a home game at the Super Bowl it would be Tom Brady, it’s something that has never been done before and that’s what he has made a career of.

The Super Bowl is a major holiday for me. No joke, it feels better than Christmas morning. If only the nation saw it this way and we all got post-Super Bowl Monday off work. Since most of us will be working that fateful Monday, make sure to hydrate and come see me for some coffee to keep you going!

To all my betting friends out there: The Chiefs are a 3-point favorite playing on the road in Tampa Bay, so remember the Bucs have a home game when considering which way to place your money. The total points are set at 56. Tom Brady will be playing in his 10th Super Bowl and to be honest, every one of his big games have been entertaining so look for this to be a great competitive game!


Personally, Valentines Day was always just another hallmark holiday. So, amid a worldwide pandemic, I’m more inclined to drop the holiday altogether. But who am I to write off the holiday of love? You want celebrate? Just do it smart.

Since it’ll only be two of you, I don’t see a problem with going out to dinner. We’re still wearing masks and two people is intimate enough to where I think a candlelight dinner out at some restaurant is just fine.

But if you’re against any sort of public activity, just do like we’ve been doing for a year now: show off them cooking skills. You’ve gotta be pros by now anyway. Grab yourself a nice bottle of wine, maybe some filet mignon, and you’re all set. Easy Peasy.


Enterprise Coworking is continuing our Community Book Club initiative focused on themes of diversity and inclusivity. The last book we chose a few months ago was a big hit and I can’t wait to get cracking on this one! The book club is open to anyone and everyone interested in joining in on the reading and conversing on topics of diversity, race and inclusion. Our book club meets virtually on Zoom to discuss the clubs selected book and have an open, honest, and respectful conversation.The book we selected this time holds a special place to our hearts. “Modern Manhood” was written by our very own member Cleo Stiller! Cleo will be leading our book discussion. Copies of the book book can be borrowed from Enterprise Coworking or purchase your own on Amazon. Keep updated on the book club details such as time, date, and selected title by reading our weekly community newsletter, swing by the front desk to talk to a community manager or email [email protected]

That’s all we have for now. Stay safe, enjoy some Football, and we’ll see you at the book club discussion!

If you have a topic or question you’d like Steve to tackle for next month, don’t hesitate to ask! Submit an anonymous question or problem here. No name or email is required.