It’s been a year since COVID shook the world and I like to think back about how far we’ve come. Last March, Enterprise Coworking was reduced to just five essential businesses working within the space. With so much uncertainty, the summer saw its ups and downs with businesses coming and going. But now things are looking up! We saw tremendous growth in February and that growth can be seen as activity within our coworking spaces. No longer ghost towns, the vibrant community we saw over a year ago is returning alongside the optimism we feel about the pandemic coming to a close. Don’t get me wrong, we have a ways to go, but I (and I’m sure many others) can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

March is easily my favorite month of the year. The month follows a post-football season depression with the best multi-day sporting event coupled with the best drinking holiday. March sure is a hard month to keep any New Year’s resolutions going, but hey, we need this. 


 March Madness is back! Hopefully their semi-bubble in Indianapolis will go off without a hitch. This time last year, I was getting ready for a bachelor party trip to Vegas for the first four days of the NCAA Tournament. Basketball games were finishing up within 30 minutes of each other and I’d never been so engulfed in anything in my life…then Covid happened. First, we heard SXSW was cancelled. Then MLB Spring Training was given the axe. But it really hit home when the greatest sports tournament of the year was called off. But this year the tournament is on! You don’t even need to head to Las Vegas anymore for sports betting, just do it on an app from your own couch!

Bracket tips: look for teams that have experienced players, especially during this season, experience will speak volumes come tournament time. The “one and done” programs have suffered this season with no off-season to prepare, so teams that have played together for a while should make a run. It’s surprising, but it is very likely we won’t see a few of the traditional Blue Blood programs like UNC, Duke, Kentucky involved in the madness this year.

The first four play-in games begin on Thursday March 18 with the actual start of the tournament on Friday March 19 and most games being played Friday-Monday this year, a little different from the usual Thursday-Sunday.

Enterprise will be hosting a bracket challenge this year, so keep your eye out in your email or Slack for updates on that. We’ll have games playing on the televisions throughout the space and a bracket posted in the Ratskeller!


Car bombs, car bombs, and more car bombs! I can’t wait to start St. Patrick’s Day with a nice tall glass of Guinness and a sidecar of Baileys + Jameson to drop in that beer at 8am to start festivities off right! Or if you want to go the more traditional route, just throw some whiskey in that coffee travel mug and no one will know how Irish you are for the day! This year the holiday will roll into the start of March Madness so kick off the weeklong celebration on Wednesday and continue through the weekend!

Unfortunately, many St. Patrick’s Day events have been cancelled this year. I always look forward to the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but this year we’ll have March Madness to keep our spirits up. There are still a few bar crawls attempting to celebrate the Irish holiday. To those attending, I just want to say be careful and make good decisions. Don’t let a drunken holiday be the reason for the next outbreak in Denver.

To everyone: have a wonderful and safe month of March. We’re almost out of this madness (not meaning March Madness). It’s still up to all of us to continue moving in the right direction.

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